The Sunday Saloon- 3/24/13

    TSSbadge1 Hello all! I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday! As some of you may have noticed I have been not as present on the blog this past week or so as I normally am. This is due to a combination of things: I’ve been out of town for a few days, I came down with something when I returned (I’m better now!), and, perhaps most importantly, I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump for the past week and a half or so. Which is a shame because I was doing so well! It seems unlikely now that I will be able to read everything I was hoping to this month- namely finally getting around to The Feminine Mystique. However I am now about 60 or so pages into As I Lay Dying, a book which I have read in the past and enjoyed, and am looking forward to all the wonderful books I plan on reading in April so things are looking up!
     In other news it was my sister’s birthday yesterday which was fun. This week we are mainly looking to the house in shape in preparation for listing it next week and of course Easter is next Sunday! I know a lot of you are experiencing a long winter this year, but down here it is starting to heat up- it was about 80 F yesterday, although we did have a much needed rain storm late last night, although the cats were not happy about it!
     This week I also organized by toolbar above my blog and started my Children’s Classics Challenge, which I am very excited about although I did not make a proper post about it as I was feeling lazy. I’ve been interested in learning more about Children’s literature for a while now so I am excited about finally diving in!
    My plans for the week involve hopefully finishing As I Lay Dying, and unfortunately, lots of cleaning and sorting out the bookroom. Also I am making dinner tonight so it is sure to be delicious, if I may say so!
Here’s what’s been posted on the blog this past week:
Wordless Wednesday 
Happy World Poetry Day!
A Star Called Henry by Roddy Doyle

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2 Responses to The Sunday Saloon- 3/24/13

  1. TBM says:

    Glad you are feeling better. I have a copy of As I Lay Dying on my shelf, but haven’t read it yet. Looking forward to your review.

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