June Roundup and Looking Towards July!

     First off, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Unfortunately, the 4th at our house was a nonevent this year. My grandmother, who is moving from FL to here to be closer to us flew up on the 4th and settling her in her assisted living facility was an all evening affair for my parents. Most of our other relatives happened to be out of town for the holiday so things didn’t pan out this year in terms of celebrating. There’s always next year though!
     I know I have been absent from the blog this last month or so. We moved out of state in early June and are now just about completely settled. Except for a box or two we are entirely unpacked! We couldn’t fit all of our belongings in the POD so we have had to replace some of our furniture- sofas, beds, dressers, etc. I have a new bed and dresser which I like but I still need to find an endtable, desk, and bookshelves for my books which are currently stacked around the perimeter of my room in great piles. Add to the fact of unloading and unpacking  my grandmother’s belongings in her assisted living facility before she arrived (she seriously has too much stuff) and its been a busy few weeks. Plus I unexpectedly got a job this week! It’s only at Bed Bath and Beyond but at least I can now start bringing in some money to pay off my student loans. They seem to be going through a change over in personnel and really need people and so it seems that I will be working a lot even though it is only part time. Anyway all this means that I have been extremely busy and hence the lack of blogging from me.
     But I have been reading! I read five books this past month: The Vikings: A History by Robert Ferguson, No Touch Monke!: And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late by Ayun Halliday, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, Listening Woman by Tony Hillerman, and Empire of Ivory by Naomi Novik. Also I am pretty sure that June was the first month where I read more fiction than non-fiction so yay for progress! A Tree Grows in Brooklyn was my favorite for the month and one of the best I’ve read all year, I think. I was also happy to revisit Novik’s Temeraire series and glad to finally have read – and enjoyed – a Hillerman mystery. This is also the first month in while that I read more than four books so I am happy with that. My goal is to read 60 books this year so I am one book behind which can be easily rectified.
Number of books read: 5
Number of books read this year: 29
Number of pages read: 1,842
Number of pages read this year: 10,155
Number of non-fiction read: 2
Number of fiction read: 3
Book sources for the month: 2 from the library, 2 from my shelves, and one borrowed from my aunt who apparently doesn’t want the book back 🙂
Books counted towards challenges/personal goals/read-alongs: A Tree Grown in Brookyln (challenge)
     As for what I want to read this month I am undecided. At the very least I would like to finish Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal and Middlemarch, both of which I am currently reading. Anna Karenina has unfortunately fallen by the wayside these past two months or so and I don’t feel inclined to pick it back up. I only have 3 sections left; maybe next month I will just force myself to power through it just to finish it. My reading of this book has been so disjointed I definitely want to reread it in a couple of years, preferably with a better translation. But other than that I don’t have any plans for July; I think I will just see where the month takes me!

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I'm a recent college graduate and this is my blog where I talk about whatever happens to be on my mind- mostly books!
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