Quick Update

     So as you’ve most likely noticed I have been absent from the blog for about three weeks or so. There are a couple of reasons for this: I got a job, which is great, but I am now of course more busy then I was. I am also having some trouble with some medical issues that I have, some that have been treated for a while, some not. We are switching my medicine around, etc., and the effect is that I have been feeling very tired, weak, and the like. The fact of the matter is that when I get home from work I often end up sleeping instead of reading! Also I seem to have hit a reading slump at the same time! I am reading Middlemarch and the first Harry Potter book in Spanish but I haven’t finished either. In fact, I haven’t read a single book this month which is both horrifying and slightly depressing. But these things happen. I haven’t given up on this blog; I will be back when I am feeling better and when I crawl out of this reading slump which I hope is sooner rather then later! Til then – see ya!

About hillarypat

I'm a recent college graduate and this is my blog where I talk about whatever happens to be on my mind- mostly books!
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2 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Ekaterina says:

    Oh, I’m sorry for you 😦 Get well soon! Things happen, but don’t let them bear on your mood for a long time!

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