Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution by Robert C. Atkins

Title: Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution
Author: Robert C. Atkins
Published: 2002
Genre: Non-Fiction: self-help
Pages: 416
Rating: ***
dr atkins“Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution” offers not just weight loss, but total wellness designed for the overweight metabolism. You can eat the delicious meals you love, never count calories, enjoy a cheeseburger when you’re hungry, see amazing results in 14 days, and reach your ideal weight…and stay there. The “New Diet Revolution” diet can help you reduce major health problems, including chronic fatigue, diabetes, and high blood pressure; can protect your heart; and show you why eating rich, delicious gourmet foods can be your path to permanent weight loss. Spectacular recipes from a world-famous chef are included. This updated edition includes valuable new information on supplements to help you achieve total wellness. (from Goodreads)
Thoughts: Everyone has heard of the Atkins’ Diet, and millions of Americans have tried it. The Atkins Diet consists primarily of meat, cheese, and vegetables with a low carbohydrate content. The idea is to so deplete your body of its main source of energy (glucose) that it turns to a second source- your body fat, a process called lipolysis, which is very different from the harmful process ketoacidosis which it is often confused with.  In Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution, Dr. Atkins explains the diet, the science behind it, and other tips on how to live a healthy and active lifestyle.
     The Atkins Diet is somewhat controversial because of its very heavy reliance of meat and fat which is seen in some circles as extremely unhealthy. Dr. Atkins goes into much scientific detail and sites numerous studies as to why his extremely low carb diet works and is safe and how eating a diet high in carbohydrates is extremely harmful and leads to weight gain and diabetes. Based on the information he gave, it makes sense to me. Due to medicine I am on and a medical condition I have it is very easy for me to gain weight and very difficult fore me to loose it. I had lost weight in the past  loosely following Atkins’ approach and, after reading this book, I decided to try it again, only this time I would ‘go by the book.’ Lo-and-behold, after a week on Atkins I lost as much weight as I had in four months of exercise and calorie counting! To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend this diet to everybody as it is so heavily based in meat and fat, especially the first two weeks. After that you are allowed to slowly start eating more vegetables and reintroducing fruit, nuts, beans, and grains such as brown rice and sweet potatoes back into your diet, which I am very much looking forward to as the amount of vegetables I am currently allowed is very little (3 cups daily) and I am getting sick of eggs, cheese, and meat for every meal.
     Probably the best thing about reading this book was that it forced me to look at how my body reacts to certain foods. The truth is that I simply can’t eat what everyone else eats and not expect to gain weight. Wheat and things like bread have not been a large part of my diet for a few years as anything more then a small amount makes me sick. However I am very fond of rice and I do enjoy things like cornflakes and gluten-free crackers and such. But in cutting out all sources of carbs except for a few vegetables has made a difference in how I feel; I have more energy and do not get as tired so often (very important as I am currently having medical issues which make me tire extremely easily- which is why I have been absent from the blog for so long). So while I don’t plan on staying for Atkins forever- I am mainly using it as a tool to loose weight- it has made me realize that my body does best, and feels best, when not eating foods high in carbs or sugar, which I am thankful for.
Overall, if your interested in learning more about the Atkins Diet than read the book. Otherwise there probably isn’t much of a point.

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