The Sunday Saloon- 9/29/13

     TSSbadge1I hope everyone had a great week. I had a rather stressful week at work which is why there were no updates this past week- I just didn’t have the time or energy. However, it has been a lovely first week of fall. Towards the end of last week the large gathering of 50 or so Canada Geese that I passed daily on my to work left to continue their journey south. On Monday there were only two very confused geese huddled together towards the edge of the clearing; they had clearly missed the take off of the rest of the group and were wondering where everyone had got to. On Tuesday, while walking into work, I saw a very sad goose flying south, honking all the while, trying to locate others of its kind. But towards the end of the week there was once again a group of geese in the clearing, newly arrived from up north, although it is a smaller group of about 30. So I hope that everybody that was left behind has either caught up or joined up with the new arrivals.
     The other big change of the week have been the sycamore trees. Last week they were looking rather yellow-green; this week their yellowish color has not only intensified but there is a decidedly dry reddish-brown hue to their edges. The pine trees in our yard have also begun to shed their old brown needles and some of the other trees have begun to show hints of color and change.
     Today me and my family went pumpkin picking! The hayride, the weather, and the pumpkins themselves were great. I had a lot of fun and got two pumpkins- one yellow and one a bright light orange. My dad got several small ones to make into pies, custards and other yummy things. It was a ton of fun. Next weekend we are going apple picking which I am very excited about. I’m not sure where my camera cord is but when I find it I will upload some pictures! I am very much looking forward to October!

About hillarypat

I'm a recent college graduate and this is my blog where I talk about whatever happens to be on my mind- mostly books!
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