Top Ten Tuesday – 11/26/2013


     It’s Tuesday! I haven’t done one of these in a while but I thought, given the topic, and that Thanksgiving is this week, that I should. The topic for this week is  Top Ten Things I Am Thankful For!
1. I am thankful for my family: This is one that everyone says around Thanksgiving but its the truth! For my parents, all four sisters, my brother, and my adorable little nephew I am incredibly thankful and grateful!
2. I am thankful for my pets: Although I consider my pets a part of my family I thought that they deserve their own category. With five cats and two dogs sometimes it gets a little crazy- and loud- but I love them all! I am also thankful that one of our cats- who got lost for 12 days earlier this year- returned to us safe and perfectly healthy.
3. I am thankful for my job: I’ll be the first to admit that I do not actively like my job- working at Bed Bath & Beyond part-time after graduating for college is a bit of a let down and a little dispiriting, but it does allow me to pay my bills so am grateful for that.
4. I am thankful for our move: In July my entire family moved back to Virginia from Florida, to the same city that I was born in. I am thankful that my entire family, including my older sister with her son and my grandmother, came with us. I love being back here!
5. I am thankful for my friends: Although I am glad that we moved, I do miss my friends. Not being in college anymore it makes it harder to meet people and I am all the more grateful for the friends that I have and keep in touch with even though we are now in all different parts of the country.
6. I am thankful for my health: For the past year I have been dealing with some health issues; nothing serious but a couple of things that were causing me to gain weight, be exhausted, and to feel all around crummy. Not everything is completely under control yet but I have been feeling so much better which is a blessing.
7. I am thankful for this blog: I started to really blog on here in a regular way at the beginning of this year, something which I am very grateful for. I have read so many good books outside my comfort zone and met a lot of great people through here!
8. I am thankful for books: This is another given but I really am thankful for books. I’ve had a great reading year in terms of the quality of the books I’ve read (if only I could say the same about the quantity!) and I am grateful for the many hours of enjoyment they have given me.
9. I am thankful for the country I was born in: I am grateful that I was born in a country that is a democracy and where we’re are given the freedom and opportunity to live our lives in the way that we think is best and not have to worry about governmental repression like so many others do around the world.
10. I am thankful for the age that I was born in: Not just for modern conveniences but also for the fact that as a woman I am given the same opportunities, education, and freedom as a man. Although I am not naive enough to think that things as they are now are entirely equal between the sexes I am grateful for the enormous progress that has been made in such a short time. It boggles my mind that less than one hundred years ago women still did not have the right to vote!
     So that’s it. I have so many wonderful thing to be thankful for that it is impossible to mention them all- although I will say that I am thankful for Top Ten Tuesday for making this a topic so that I can name just a few. Hope everyone is having/will have a great holiday week!



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I'm a recent college graduate and this is my blog where I talk about whatever happens to be on my mind- mostly books!
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2 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday – 11/26/2013

  1. Lee-Anne says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! Have a wonderful holiday. Sounds like you’ve got lots for which to be thankful, and I hope your health problems are soon resolved and you are feeling great again 🙂

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