The Classics Club: December Meme

 classic meme    I cannot believe that I have been a member of The Classics Club for almost a year and yet have not done one of their monthly memes yet! I don’t know how this happened but I am rectifying it now by doing the club’s last meme for the year! This month’s question is one that was first posed back in August 2012- I wasn’t a member then to this is my first time answering it! What is your favorite classic book?
     Although I read classic books before starting this challenge, it was mostly sporadic. Since starting this challenge I have been reading classics much more frequently; therefore, I’ve decided only to take into account those which I have read in the past year as part of the challenge- which is helpful since before I never really kept track of what classics books I read.
     But this is still hard to answer! So far this year I’ve read 12 classics; not a lot, but much more than I would have read each year during the past. Admittedly, there were one or two duds, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading most of them! A couple though really do stand out from the rest- Sense and Sensibility, Bleak House, A Room of One’s Own, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Of these, I think I liked Bleak House and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn the best. And of those… I’m going to go with Bleak House because it was such a surprise for me. I was really intimidated by it but I ended up loving it! I thought it was so so good. It was my second or third classics of the year and the first really long book I read this year too (995 pages!). It was such a good experience, a wonderfully pleasant surprise, and it taught me that I really shouldn’t be intimidated by books, whether because its a classic, or because or its length or content- I good lesson to have learned, I think!

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I'm a recent college graduate and this is my blog where I talk about whatever happens to be on my mind- mostly books!
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6 Responses to The Classics Club: December Meme

  1. A.M.B. says:

    I love Sense and Sensibility. I’ve never read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (which I’ve had on my Kindle for about a year now). I’ll get to it eventually!

  2. TBM says:

    I read Bleak House last year and loved it!

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