Harry Potter y la cámara secreta by J. K. Rowling- translated by Adolfo Munoz Garcia and Nieves Martin Azofra

Title:  Harry Potter y la cámara secreta 
Author: J. K. Rowling- translated by Adolfo Munoz Garcia and Nieves Martin Azofra
Published: 1998
Genre: Fiction: Children’s; Fantasy
Pages: 286
Rating: ***
harry potter y la camara secretaTras derrotar una vez más a Lord Voldemort, su siniestro enemigo en Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal, Harry espera impaciente en casa de sus insoportables tíos el inicio del segundo curso del Colegio Hogwarts de Magia y Hechicería. Sin embargo, la espera dura poco, pues un elfo aparece en su habitación y le advierte que una amenaza mortal se cierne sobre la escuela. Así pues, Harry no se lo piensa dos veces y, acompañado de Ron, su mejor amigo, se dirige a Hogwarts en un coche volador. Pero ¿puede un aprendiz de mago defender la escuela de los malvados que pretenden destruirla? Sin saber que alguien ha abierto la Cámara de los Secretos, dejando escapar una serie de monstros peligrosos, Harry y sus amigos Ron y Hermione tendrán que enfrentarse con arañas gigantes, serpientes encantadas, fantasmas enfurecidos y, sobre todo, con la mismísima reencarnación de su más temible adversario (from Goodreads).
Thoughts: It’s Harry’s second year at Hogwarts and strange things are afoot. Houseelves, flying cars, gigantic spiders, ghosts, dueling clubs, and the mysterious ‘Chamber of Secrets’ all converge in a year wholly unlike what muggle children can expect when they begin the school year in the Fall!
     I read this book when I was younger several times but this is the first time that I have read it in Spanish. I was a huge Harry Potter nerd when younger, and still am to some extent, so it was nice to revisit Harry and the rest of his friends. I read the first book in Spanish earlier in the year and I think in this book I have hit upon a system that works for me where I can read the book in a reasonable amount of time but not end up reading so much in one sitting that my brain turns to mush. The first couple of books in the series are rather short as are the chapters so it is easy to commit myself to reading a chapter a day; the chapters are rarely more then 20 pages, which is enough to keep me engaged in the story and in the language while not being an overly large amount to read. On this pace I can usually finish the book in around three weeks.
     In regards the the second book specifically, I always thought that it was ok but it was never my favorite of the bunch. Strangely, I seem to like Hagrid a lot more in the Spanish version then I do in the English; I think it might be because his speech isn’t written the way it is in the original- his pronunciation is not spelled out for us which I am so thankful for; not only do I think it would have been next to impossible for me to read in Spanish but I hated it in the English books in the first place. Also, I forgot some of the plot points in this one so I had some nice ‘O right, I forgot about that!’ moments while reading this one.
     I already have Harry Potter y el prisionero de Azkaban ready to go but I am going to wait til the new year to start it. After the third installment, the books start to get  a lot longer which I am worried about; I seem to like to read steadily in Spanish for about a month and then take a break– there’s no way I can read the rest of these books in one month! So I’m not sure how I’m going to accomplish that but I’ll figure it out when the time comes. I also noticed my speed has definitely improved since starting this little project of mine which I am pleased with.
     In regards to these ‘reviews’ on these books I seem to want to talk more about my experience reading the books then the content of the books themselves, mainly for two reasons. First, I know these books inside and out from rereading them several times and watching the movies and I assume that for the vast majority of people the basic plot outlines for these books are well known; I just don’t feel that if I were to write more traditional reviews of these books that I would have anything to say that hasn’t been said before. Secondly, it’s very hard (in my opinion) to judge the writing of a book that you are reading in a language that you are not entirely comfortable with or have a native-like fluency in. And these books are translations from English which also complicates the issue. Plus, I am reading these books for practice and not for a more traditional reading experience. So for these books my ‘reviews’ will not focus on the books themselves but instead on my experience of reading them in Spanish, which hopefully some of you out there might find interesting. Anyway, that’s it for this one; I’ll be starting the third book next month– it’s actually my favorite out of the entire series so it will be interesting to see how I enjoy it in Spanish!

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