Bout of Books 11 Wrap Up

    bout of books Ok, so this isn’t really a wrap up post because I actually didn’t post anything on the blog during Bout of Books. But I did read last week, so that counts. I finished one book, Ireland Unhinged by David Monagan and also got half-way through a novel by Susan Isaacs called Any Place I Hang My Hat and read a total of 390 pages. I didn’t manage to get to Persuasion like I wanted, and also I didn’t post any reviews which means I am still backlogged from the end of last year- not to mention what I’ve read so far this month. Also, I realized last week that I completely forgot all about my Classics Spin Challenge book! This really upset me because the one I got was a good one- The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood, which I actually own and I’ve been wanting to read for forever. I’m actually not sure where it is at the moment which is probably why I forgot about it. So, once again, I have completely failed to even open the book I got assigned, just like all the other Classics Spin challenges I’ve signed up for. At least I’m consistent when it comes to this challenge. Just not a good way 😉
   So I read a bit last week, which was good, but I didn’t get caught up on the blog, which was bad. I have Friday off this week and next Monday for Lee Jackson and MLK days so I’m going to try to catch up then and figure out a more consistent posting schedule then just making notes in my head like I currently do. Anyway, that’s how my Bout of Books went.
How did you all’s Bout of Books go?        

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I'm a recent college graduate and this is my blog where I talk about whatever happens to be on my mind- mostly books!
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