My Reading Preferences

The purpose of this page is describe my reading preferences so that you can better know what to expect from my blog. I love reading but lately I have been having trouble reading as much as I would like to. I am a senior in college studying history which means I read many papers and books for my classes. I am also currently writing my senior thesis which involves a lot of research and outside reading. I am hoping this blog will help motivate me to read more outside of what I need to do for school.
As I am a history major I think it will be no surprise to hear me say (or type) that I like books that deal with history in some way. I am just as likely to read historical-fiction as I am to read a non-fiction history book. My reading tastes are rather eclectic. For fiction I mostly read historical-fiction, although I also do enjoy contemporary fiction. I also occasionally read fantasy,young adult fiction, and science-fiction although nothing too heavy. I also do not generally read epic urban fantasy, killer-type thrillers, or paranormal fiction. There are exceptions of course, and if you know of any books of the above genres that I just must read I would be happy to hear about them!
As for non-fiction I enjoy reading about history. I also like memoirs, travel books, pop science books, and books about farming, animal/pet memoirs, and books about books among other things. I read fiction and non-fiction about equally and I enjoy them both. I haven’t seen a lot of book blogs that include a lot of non-fiction. Of course I could just be looking in the wrong place. But I like non-fiction and it will be featured here even though I know that it may not be as popular.
Well that’s about it! I’m always looking for recommendations!!

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