Review Policies

          I am happy to take requests for review copies of books: please send me an email at stating the book in question with a short synopsis. I would also much appreciate it if you include why you think I would enjoy the book. Requests that are made on an individual basis-meaning that the requester has looked at my blog, has seen what books I prefer to read, and then made a request based on my tastes- stand a much better chance of acceptance then copy-paste request emails.  If I am interested in receiving a copy for review I will respond; if you do not get an email back I am not interested. I will only accept for review books that I am interested in reading: I read mostly history, nature, science, and memoir or biography non-fiction and historical-fiction and classics. However if your book is a genre different from those listed above it does not mean that I won’t consider it; if I find the synopsis or the topic of the book intriguing then I will accept it for review. Additionally, please don’t assume if your book is one of the genres above that I will automatically accept a review copy; each request for review is considered on an individual basis.
     If I accept a book for review please be aware that I will not commit to reading the book/posting a review within a certain time frame, although for ARCs I will make an attempt to read them before the release date, I will make no promises. However, accepted books will be read (or at least begun) eventually. I will not force myself to read a book that I am not enjoying simply because it is a review copy. If I don’t finish a review copy I will still write up a post stating what the book is about, why I accepted it, and why it didn’t work for me. For these posts (and reviews of books that I finished but did not end up enjoying) I will not sugarcoat why I did not enjoy the book; however, I will also endeavor to say what aspects of the book did work for me, what I liked, and what type of reader I think would get more out of the book then I did.
     Please note: I will not accept kindle copies of books (I don’t have one) or books in file form that need to be read on the computer; I will only accept physical books. I also retain the right to do what I want with the book accepted for review after I have read it; I may choose to keep it, donate it to the library or charity shop, or give it away to one of my followers depending on the situation.
For a sample of my review style please click here and here for non-fiction and here and here for fiction.

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